What We Do at The Blueprint Strategy Group

Government Relations

With 20 years of direct experience in government relations at top lobbying firms, we provide direct lobbying to The Blueprint Strategy Group clients at the federal, state, and municipal levels. We are an African American-owned lobbying firm, and we have relationships all across the political spectrum. We are highly skilled in engaging House and Senate Democrats, with particular expertise in matters before the Committees on the Judiciary; Energy and Commerce; Commerce, Science and Transportation; Education and Labor; and Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, as well as the Tri-Caucus, LGBT+ Equality Caucus, and Women’s Caucus. We also have deep relationships in cities and states across the country, with strong connections with mayors and other key local and state elected officials.

Third-Party Engagement Or Partnership Development

A critical piece of developing successful legislative and regulatory campaigns is building a broad coalition of respected voices to fight in advocacy battles. This body of work is called third-party engagement or strategic partnership development, and we at The Blueprint Strategy Group are experts at developing advocacy collaboration. Our work includes a comprehensive analysis of the issues, the players, and their motivations, as well as deep, long-standing relationships with organizational leaders, key stakeholders, and relevant organizations at every level of government. Most importantly, we know whom to activate and when that activation has the most impact.

-Community Engagement

Cities are ground zero for easy and innovative policy change.  Compared to policy at the federal level, municipal- and state-level policy victories are achieved with smaller budgets, fewer stakeholders, and a more rapid timeline.  However, the best local and state campaigns benefit greatly from deep and meaningful engagement–which includes local stakeholders/organizations and individuals who are influential to local and state elected officials. The Blueprint Strategy Group has expertise in building coalitions at the local and community levels, and most importantly, preparing them to be stellar advocates on behalf of The Blueprint Strategy Group clients.

Strategic Advising

Corporate and nonprofit executive often find it difficult to navigate the congressional-industrial complex and state and local governments around the country. The Blueprint Strategy Group is highly qualified and experienced in helping leaders navigate this world with ease and excellence.